Blue diamonds selection

Blue diamonds

Basic facts about blue diamonds

Blue diamonds thank their color to the presence of boron in the crystal structure. Even in very small concentration like only a few atoms in a million, already an attractive color appears. As the concentration gets higher, then of course the color of the diamond will become more intense. If blue diamonds are illuminated with ultra violet light they will display a very specific blue glow, unseen with other colors of diamonds.

Currently blue diamonds are found in very few mines around the world. They are found in Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia and in the Cullinan mine in Pretoria, which is also known to have produced the vivid blue Heart of Eternity, a 27ct diamond as part of the  “The Beers Millenium Jewels Collection”. Besides these two places they are also found in very small quantities in the Golconda Mine in India.

Famous blue diamonds

The Hope diamond is the most famous blue diamond in the world, it is oval shaped and at 45.52ct it is also one of the largest. It was found in India early in the 17th century, travelled half the world, then it was stolen from the French Crown Jewels in 1762 during the French Revolution. Afterwards it was bought by Henry Philip Hope in 1839 and has been in the hands of many different owners before it was donated by Harry Winston Jewelers to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC  in November 1958. The diamond has a bad reputation of bringing misfortune to many of the owners it had.

The largest cut blue diamond is 70ct and it is called “Idol’s eye” and was originally part of an ornament in a Benghazi temple, but later came into the hands of Mrs. May Stanton after World War II.

Other famous blue diamonds are called “The Queen of Holland”, “The Blue Empress” and “The Regent Diamond”, “The Blue Heart”, “The Sultan of Morrocco”, “The Wittelsbach” and “The Transvaal Blue”.

investing in blue diamonds

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and very much desired by collectors and investors. Although buying it at the right price may be rather difficult, it will certainly be a fine luxury investment especially when you would be able to find a pure color.

blue diamonds in jewelry

Blue diamonds in jewelry are becoming very popular in engagement rings and in solitaires as their color refers to the divine, hope and honesty.

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oval 1.08 SI1

fancy dark gray-blue


price on request


radiant 1.05 SI2

fancy intense green-blue


price on request


cushion 1.00 SI1

fancy intense green-blue


price on request


Cut-Cornered Rectangular 1.00 SI2

light blue


price on request


Cushion 0.85 SI1

fancy light greenish blue


price on request


Rectangular 0.85 SI1

fancy vivid green-blue


price on request


Cushion 0.80 SI2

fancy deep green-blue


price on request


Round 0.69 SI2

fancy gray-blue


price on request


Cushion 0.31 VS2

fancy intense green-blue


price on request


cushion 0.21 SI2

fancy grayish blue


price on request